TCL CSoT shows a 14" inkjet printed QD-EL display, announced a $1 million prize to accelerate the technology

TCL CSoT demonstrated a 14" 2.8K inkjet-printed QD-EL display, that offers 30-120Hz VRR refresh rates and a 85% BT2020 color gamut. The impressive display won SID Displayweek's People's Choice Award.

TCL's CEO gave a keynote speech at Displayweek, saying how this is an early-stage technology that still has a lot of challenges before it can be commercialized - mainly the lifetime of the blue material. To encourage collaboration and innovation, TCL CSOT announced the Blue Star Project with a $1 million prize to incentivize collaboration and accelerate breakthroughs in QD-EL technology.

Posted: May 19,2024 by Ron Mertens