September 2021

Korean researchers demonstrate a highly flexible ultrathin QLED device

Researchers from Seoul National University developed an ultrathin QLED device, that can be folded just like a paper. The researchers demonstrated a 3D foldable QLED, which can be produced in customized 3D structures.

To produce the device, the researchers developed a new fabrication process, that can partially etch the epoxy film deposited on the QLED surface without damaging the underlying QLED. This changes the QLED film from a planar shape to the 3D foldable shape.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 29,2021

Nanosys and CYD launch air-stable QD diffuser plate product for the display industry

Quantum Dots developer Nanosys, in collaboration with Nangtong Changed New Material (CYD) announced that it has developed air-stable quantum dot materials for the display industry, using diffuser plate technology.

Nanosys already launched a product, called xQDEF Diffuser Plate - and in fact Nanosys says that it has already received orders from multiple tier one consumer electronics brands such as TCL and Hisense for the xQDEF Diffuser Plate, which is now in mass production and products based on this material will be shipping within this quarter.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 09,2021

LANL team develops electrically-pumped lasers from colloidal QDs

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) have assessed the status of research into colloidal quantum dot lasers with a focus on prospective electrically pumped devices, or laser diodes.

Their review analyzes the challenges for developing lasing with electrical excitation, and presents approaches to overcome them.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 08,2021

The Coretec Group developed an efficient process to produce SiQDs

The Coretec Group announced that it has developed an efficient and highly scalable way to produce Silicon Quantum Dots (SiQDs).

The company says that its unique chemistry and processes enable the production of SiQDs that will be suitable for LED applications. Coretec says that SiQDs are metal-free QDs that possess all the favorable properties of their toxic metal-containing counterparts with the added benefits of elemental abundance, biological compatibility, and optical properties.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 03,2021