May 2022

MSI set to launch a 34" QD-OLED gaming monitor

MSI is set to release a new QD-OLED monitor, the MEG 324C. This will use a 34" curved 75Hz 3440x1440 QD-OLED, the only QD-OLED in production right now.

We do not have more details, as MSI did not officially launch the new monitor yet, but it demonstrated it at Computex 2022.

Read the full story Posted: May 24,2022

BOE developed an Oxide-TFT 55" 8K AMQLED display

BOE Technology Group unveiled a 55" 8K AMQLED device, which is said to be the world's first such display. The display is based on QD emitters, and uses an active-matrix Oxide-TFT backplane.

BOE says that all functional layers, except the cathode, were deposited using inkjet printing.

Read the full story Posted: May 15,2022