April 2021

Samsung Display to focus on QD Displays for its future large-area displays

Samsung Electronics reported its financial results for Q1 2021. The company's revenues was 65.4 trillion Won (around $58.7 billion USD). Operating profit increased 4% from the past quarter to $8.4 billion, as Samsung enjoyed strong sales of phones and consumer electronics, which offset slower sales of displays and semiconductors.

Samsung Display says that for large displays, it will "channel all its efforts towards preparing for the mass production of QD displays".

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All the key players in Printed Electronics and Quantum Dots gather online

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11 - 12 May 2021 | 14:00 - 21:00 CET | Virtual Event Platform

Printed, Hybrid, Structural & 3D Electronics

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Quantum Dots: Material Innovations & Commercial Applications

TechBlick's third event (LIVE online) on 11 & 12 May will cover Quantum Dots as well as Printed, Hybrid, Structural & 3D Electronics. The agenda has been put together by industry experts and features leading global organisations covering the latest developments and research in these topics.

The speakers include HP, Shoei Electronic Materials, Nanosys, Boeing, Airbus, Panasonic, Coca Cola, P&G, Texas Instruments, Parsons, Wuerth, Emberion, SWIR Systems, Avantama, ARM, Philips 66, Agfa, Signify, IMEC, SWIR Vision Systems, etc- see full Agenda below.

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Researchers set out to uncover a process that hinders quantum dots' light emission

A team of researchers, which included scientists from SLAC, Stanford, the University of California, Berkeley and DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recently explained a process that interferes with making quantum dots brighter - when attempting to increase the intensity of emitted light, heat is generated instead - reducing the dots’ light-producing efficiency. The results of this new work could have broad implications for developing future quantum and photonics technologies.

First atomic-scale observations of how quantum dots lose their light-producing efficiency imageImage credit: Nature Communications/SLAC

In a QLED TV screen, dots absorb blue light and turn it into green or red. At the low energies where TV screens operate, this conversion of light from one color to another is virtually 100% efficient. But at the higher excitation energies required for brighter screens and other technologies, the efficiency drops sharply. Researchers theorized about why this happens, but no one had ever observed it at the atomic scale until now.

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Samsung gets ready to produce QD-OLED TV and Monitor module samples

According to a new report from Korea, Samsung Display is set to begin producing full QD-OLED display prototypes in June this year. SDC will produce both TV and monitor prototypes, which it will send to potential customers (such as Samsung Electronics, Sony, and Chinese TV makers). When customers approve the prototypes, SDC will be ready for commercial production.

Samsung Display QD Display (QD-OLED) production equipment arrives at Asan line

The new report also says that Samsung Electronics TV unit (Visual Display Business) is ready to start adoption these panels provided SDC secures the yields and production capacity required by SE. Even if yields are high, total production capacity at SDC's Q1 production line is 30,000 8.5-Gen substrates, which may not be enough for Samsung's TV business.

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